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 zarthirus's app

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PostSubject: zarthirus''s app   zarthirus's app Icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2009 7:31 pm

1. Name? My name is Brandon.
2. How long can you be active for? i can be on for around 8 hours a day unless i have homework.
3. Why should you become a Barragescape Staff? i think i should be staff in your server because i feel like its my duty to help players and to get hackers/glitchers/spammers out.
4. How Many Times Have You Voted? non yet but i plan to vote every day
5. Do you have any other expeirience at being a staff member? i have been an admin for 1 year in a fairly large server with 1k players untill it got crashed by a hacker i also been a player mod in two servers.
6. How long have you played/ posted on forums for Barragescape? i have just started today and i hope ill stay forever but then again after 1-2 years of helping a server i need to move on to help another one.
7. What are you like? i am a funny talkative person i love playing online games where i can meet new people and talk.

if i may add one more thing, if you pick me as staff trust me you will not regret it Smile thanks for takeing your time in reading this.


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zarthirus's app
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