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 A Guide on Maplestory Thief

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PostSubject: A Guide on Maplestory Thief   A Guide on Maplestory Thief Icon_minitimeThu Apr 29, 2010 9:56 pm

A Guide on Maplestory Thief
After you level up to 30, you will become a thief. That means you will be given the 2nd job advancement. Thus you can choose to become a Bandit or an Assassin. Maybe you have already decided which to become. The following guide will tell you what to do.
After leveling up to 30, you should go to Kerning City to talk to Dark Lord, who will tell you to meet the job instructor. Then you should talk to him, and then he will lead you to a secret place. In the secret room, you have two tasks. One is to fight with the monsters, the other one is to pick up the dark marbles they drop. You need pick up 30 marbles, then you will tell the job instructor and he will lead you to the original place. Then you will get an item, known as “Proof of Hero”, then go back to the Dark Lord, then you can make the choice between the two jobs.
But what are the roles they play? Do they have any differences? Yes, they do. Bandit is known as the melee thief, who is similar to a faster. He has more accurate Warrior with a little less power. His most powerful skill is Savage Blow. And you can hit three times with one attack. While Assessins can jump when you throw ninju stars, give the upper hand over Bowmen. After choosing which one to become, you will be given new jobs. Also, at this time, you obtain new abilities and become more strengthful.
After this, you get the 2nd job advancement, and lots of tasks and levels are waiting for you. If you want to find more tips to guide you, you can visit my website……
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A Guide on Maplestory Thief
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