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 Anthrax's Application

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PostSubject: Anthrax''s Application   Anthrax's Application Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2009 5:52 pm

1. Name? Thomas
2. How long can you be active for? I am active for a few hours a day. And summer is almost here so I will be on a lot then.
3. Why should you become a Barragescape Staff? I know a lot about runescape private servers, I am a friendly person and love to help people.
4. How Many Times Have You Voted? 5 tiimes.
5. Do you have any other expeirience at being a staff member? Yes, I have been staff on many servers. I used to code runescape servers for people like a year ago. It has been awhile and looking to help people out.
6. How long have you played/ posted on forums for Barragescape? 1 day! 1st post baby!
7. What are you like? I am friendly, and helpful. cheers

P.S. If you need to reach me, e-mail me at:
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Anthrax's Application
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